11-13-2018 • https://thefreethoughtproject.com Facebook is actively engaging in the removal of pages who dare to hold police accountable for their actions, a damning precedent, indeed. One month ago, Facebook and Twitter — without warning or justification — deleted the pages of Free Thought Project and Police the Police which had over 5 million followers. During […]

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The Lucky 13 Saloon in Marysville co-sponsored the 9th Annual TOY RUN this past Saturday with great success. Over 200 motorcyclist enthusiasts from all over Puget Sound joined in raising toys and money for Christmas House. Over 4000 toys collected and the auction brought in $10,245.00 for more toys. That’s right over $10,000.00 collected in cash. Christmas House stated this Toy Run would provide for over 40,000 children this Christmas.

Owners of Lucky 13 Saloon are quick to remind this reporter that many people are involved in the success of this Toy Run. Several years ago a man with heart and a go get it done attitude, Alan Cook, began this Toy Run. Each year he has made it his mission to make this Toy Run better than the years before because it was for the kids. Recently Alan Cook passed away yet his legacy of love will live on through the children blessed with his vision and love. The owners of the Lucky 13 Saloon provided breakfast and lunch to over 450 people, FREE to all, and provided Great music for everyone.

Sunny Day, Great food, lots of motorcycles, great music, wonderful bartenders, good drinks, but most of all…… GREAT PEOPLE giving a helping hand. This reporter is proud and honored to know the people who attended and to those who gave of their time to support this great cause.

Hope to see you all at next years event.. Again THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED THIS TOY RUN!!!!

If you have never been to the Lucky 13 Saloon stop in and say thank you to them. You will be blessed!!!



Wing Nut Attorney Buries Gold Bar…….Because She Can

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Local legal phenom, ambulance chaser and nut job Ann K. Block and her two cronies, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum have managed to take the tiny city of Gold Bar to its financial knees through rumor, inuendo, lawsuits, and most notably incessant records requests. Why? Apparently because the can. Wielding her blog http://goldbarreporter.com as the weapon of choice, Ann Block obsesses with every move, every breath of Gold Bar and Snohomish County officials.

As recently as November 10, 2011 she submitted a pertition to recall the Mayor of Gold Bar: http://www.cityofgoldbar.us/uploads/Recall_Petition_Recap.pdf

Here is an example of her handywork that caused one mayor to eventually resign: http://goldbarwashington.blogspot.com/


Here’s a beaut! Activist files $10.5 million in tort claims against Gold Bar, county 

Activist’s website hammers away at Gold Bar, costs tiny town money

But here’s the best. This is where Ann Block gets a bit of her own medicine…

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